Naval Architecture and Boat Design

Naval Architecture and Boat Design


Naval architects design, construct, refit and repair marine vessels and offshore structures.


In your day-to-day duties you could:

  • coordinate the work of engineering design teams
  • make sure that designs are safe, seaworthy and cost-effective
  • prepare design plans using computer software
  • check and test specifications using computer simulations and 3D models
  • make sure that designs meet operational requirements
  • coordinate manufacturing or repair work

Shipbuilding companies


You may need to wear protective clothing. You could work in an office, at a shipyard, on a rig, on a ship or in a laboratory. Your working environment may be at height and outdoors some of the time.

Working Hours

39 to 41 hours a week – including occasional evening and weekend work.


£25,000 to £65,000 a year.


Most naval architects have a degree or postgraduate qualification that is recognised by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. This would usually be an engineering subject like:

  • naval architecture
  • ocean, offshore or marine engineering
  • ship science

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