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Plymouth is a global centre of excellence for marine science and technology with one of the largest clusters of expertise in Europe. The vast majority of ships built in the UK come from Plymouth.
You could be a deck officer in the merchant navy navigating a cruise liner, a naval architect designing a new ship, a marine engineer maintaining engines, a boat builder restorer, working in a chandler’s yard, piloting a ship to port, diving offshore inspecting an oil rig, or surveying the ocean bed.
There are lots of different routes into a career in maritime, including a university qualification or an apprenticeship.

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Skills often required to work in this industry include: STEM skills, design skills and attention to detail.

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Marine and Maritime Jobs

Red – Formal qualifications required – GCSEs Grades 4-9, Level 3 Qualifications, A levels or Degree

Amber – Some formal qualifications may be required at Level 2 depending on the employer this will vary depending on the organisation and position

Green – No formal qualification required